Our Mission

To empower local businesses with the tools they need to engage customers online and in-store. Our experiences bring people closer to local businesses through direct engagements, allowing them to grow and ultimately connect with the right people, at the right time.

We are local, not small.™

How It Works

1) Order Your ShareCard™

-Choose your choice of card and color

-Stylize your ShareCard™ & Sharetag with your logo

2) Login to your account and customize your profile

-Add your profile picture

-Use your Logo as your Banner

-Insert your contact information

-Add any websites or social media links for your profile

3) Start Connecting

Connect By Using:

-Your ShareCard™

-Your Sharetag*

-Scan your QR code

-Branded SMS (Text ___to 88500)

4) Win Local Dashboard

Once you start growing your network you will have the ability to track, target, manage, and reward your customers all under one roof.

Our platform provides you with all the actionable data you need in one place.

5) Interact With Your Network

Easily build campaigns with our guided process based on people you want to target on social media, direct email, or both. Engage your target audience with offer-based ads and emails.