The tools your business needs to engage customers

Our experiences bring people closer to local businesses through direct engagements, allowing them to grow and ultimately connect with the right people, at the right time.

Zero Data Entry Database

Each interaction with your Share Links builds a segmented database automatically, with ZERO data entry required. Our platform allows you to re engage on Facebook®, Instagram®, 50K+ apps & LinkedIn®.

The World’s Most Intelligent Card™

ShareCard™ is a contactless way to share your contact information via SMS, QR Code, NFC Tags and Web. Each time your card is shared, the recipient is added to your target audience for re-engagement, so you and your business stay top of mind. With your personal text code, you can share your ShareCard™ in your digital and print marketing.

What We Give You

Build Your Audience

Create your profile account

Share your profile in seconds with anyone

Create unlimited links for content distribution and database creation

Powerful Analytics

Always up-to-date contact information

Track and monitor card usage and location

The ability to track, target, manage, and reward your customers all under one roof

Contact Database

Easily engage with current, as well as brand new contacts

Re-engage using Facebook®, Instagram®, and 50,000+ apps

Build campaigns with our guided process based on people you want to target on social media, direct email, or both

Our platform is easy-to-use, automated, and cost-effective.

Win Local® allows you to identify, engage, and enhance relationships with your customers through turnkey, easy-to-use, and fun digital engagements in an automated and effective way.

Each interaction will deliver a different experience. All experiences use our smart lead form to ensure no lead is lost or duplicated.

Get Started Now!

Our experiences bring people closer to your local businesses allowing you to grow your business by connecting with the right people at the right time.

  • Instantly share ShareCard™ via NFC, QR Code, SMS or Web
  • Automatically build a database with ZERO data entry
  • Includes automatic two-way contact exchange
  • Direct download to all smartphones
  • Branded text code (text SETH to 88500)
  • View data and performance insights in real time
  • CRM integration